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MJR becomes ABB Authorized Value Provider

In order to further strengthen our position as a leading Marine & Offshore Power & Automation Systems Integrator, we ar...

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Marine Electrical Engineering

Marine electrical engineering services including switchboard & distribution system repair, overhaul, testing, design, construction & modification.

Power & Control System Design & Upgrade
Turnkey design, build and installation packages for replacement and modification of switchboards, starters, power distribution and control systems including... Surveys, technical & commercial advice on the most cost effective upgrade options.
Power & Control System Maintenance & Repair
A full range of services including... Copperwork & busbar modifications.  Switchgear upgrades and retrofits. Instrument testing and calibration. Control, synchronisation, load sharing and power management system upgrades.
Switchgear & Protection Testing & Overhaul
Workshop or site based inspection, testing, certification and overhaul of circuit breakers including... Primary current injection. Secondary current injection. Overcurrent relay testing & calibration. Circuit breaker overhaul
Thermographic Survey & Electrical Testing Services
Location of electrical problems before they turn into serious faults or in extreme cases fire, can help reduce vessel downtime and greatly improve safety.  Thermal imaging cameras are a very useful non invasive tool that can be used to locate such faults and in the right hands can
Power Quality Engineering
In modern electrical distribution networks, non-linear electrical loads such as switching power supplies and electronic variable speed drive systems can severely affect the network power quality. This can lead to nuisance tripping of circuit protective devices and in ex