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MJR becomes ABB Authorized Value Provider

In order to further strengthen our position as a leading Marine & Offshore Power & Automation Systems Integrator, we ar...

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Generation & Propulsion

Generation & propulsion system upgrades, re-engining & temporary power.

Generator Installation & Re-Engining
Replacing generators is often a useful means of improving reliability and extending the life of a vessel. However, the replacement machine is often dissimilar to the remaining or original machines which it must work in parallel with, which can present significant op
Generator & Motor Excitation System Conversions, Repairs & Retrofit Solutions
From electronic repair of existing Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs) to complete retrofit excitation solutions, we can cover all generator maintenance and repair work including... In situ cleaning. Workshop cleaning and re-insulation. Rewind & machining. Spare pa
Temporary Power Generation Solutions
Supply and installation of temporary power generation packages (containerised gensets or power packs) is an increasingly important area of our business. We supply, install and commission temporary power solutions for all marine & offshore applications including... Cover
Electric Propulsion Drive Systems
Developments in electronic AC drive system technology, improvements in performance and reliability and significant reductions in equipment cost have led to widespread and increasing popularity of electric propulsion. Electric propulsion now dominates many vessel types in
Power, Voltage & Frequency Conversion
There are many occasions when it is essential, mandatory or desirable to power the vessel from a shore power source, rather than its own generators for example... Drydock, refit & repair periods. Short or long term lay up. In harbours where exhaust & noise emissions a